2203/2021 CICT respectfully welcomed the delegation of Hon Gai Port Border Gate Customs Branch!

On the afternoon of March 19, CICT's Board of Directors had a meeting with Hon Gai Port Border Gate Customs Branch, delegation leader was Mr. Ngo Tung Duong - Director of the Sub-Department to discuss solutions, support & companionship mode of Quang Ninh Customs Department in enhancing the competitiveness, creating a premise to attract import and export businesses in the province through the CICT port.



Hon Gai Port Border Gate Customs Branch affirmed that it will create favorable conditions and be ready to coordinate as well with CICT in approaching and connecting with big import-export enterprises of Quang Ninh province to increase cargo volume through the port, based on the potentials and advantages of modern facilities and specialized handling cargo services for both container and bulk cargo that CICT has already owned.



The cooperation and companionship of the Hon Gai Border Gate Customs Branch and Provincial Party Committee will be the premise for the strong growth of CICT in particular and Quang Ninh seaports system in general in 2021.