As one of the most modern ports in the North, CICT has always focused on safety and security, especially in fire prevention and fighting.



  With the characteristics of handling and storing many valuable and flammable cargoes such as agricultural products, wood chips, and pellets, CICT's infrastructure system is fully equipped with modern fire prevention & fighting equipment, placed in a visible place with a layout diagram. The department pic of security and safety also regularly checks and maintains fire protection equipment by regulations.


In addition, CICT also issues regulations on fire prevention and fighting, requiring all people entering/exiting the Port to follow. At the same time, CICT regularly organizes propaganda for all employees, contributing to raising employees' awareness of fire prevention and fighting, helping to prevent and minimize the occurrence of fires and explosions to protect the safety of people as well as the Port's property.



On August 2, CICT held an OIL SPILL RESPONSE COMBINED WITH FIRE DRILLS 2022 with a hypothetical oil spill and fire situation at the storage area near wood chips yard. The rehearsal took place successfully with the full participation of staff from departments. Mr. Thuan, an employee of HSSE, said: "I feel that these periodic drills are very meaningful, helping employees practice skills in incident response as well as fire prevention, raising vigilance during the peak hot season."



At CICT, safety is breath!